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Walking School Bus
Posted on 08/22/2023
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Over the past 12 months Trenton Public School District, in conjunction with community partners: Trenton Police Department (TPD), Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association (GMTMA), and the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) collaborated and engaged in a process to identify safe routes to each of our schools from kindergarten through eighth grade. A study of residency trends was reviewed to identify the most densely populated areas within the respective catchment area of each school and was used to determine starting points for each suggested route. Most elementary schools, all intermediate and middle schools have at least one suggested route beginning from a specific location within the school’s catchment area. Members of the TPD supported the initiative and provided insight to ensure the children walked along the safest streets in our city and committed to being vigilant by keeping a ‘watchful eye’ on WSB routes during morning and afternoon hours. TPD has been provided with a copy of the routes and worked to ensure all crossing guard posts along the various routes were staffed.   

The list below shows the number of routes at each participating school. 


Elementary K-3 Routes                 

  •  Cadwalader - 2
  •  Copeland - 1
  •  Franklin - 3
  •  Gregory - 3
  •  Hill - 2
  •  McKnight - 2
  •  Mott - 1
  • Rivera - 1
  •  Robbins - 2
  • Robeson - 2
  • Stokes - 3
  • Washington - 2

Intermediate 4-6 Routes

  • Grant - 2
  •  Hedgepeth/Williams - 2
  •  Kilmer - 2
  •  Jefferson - 1
  •  Monument - 1
  •  Parker - 2

Middle 7-8 Routes

  •  Dunn - 3
  •  Holland - 2
  •  MLK - 3


Additional information about the WSB program is available at the participating schools and will be available at our Back to School Extravaganza on August 25.

Start your day the active way and hop on the bus! 


To view each K-8 school's suggested routes, please click here.

For additional information, please contact (609) 656-4900 ext. 5410 or contact your child’s school. WSB suggested routes are not available for high school students due to the vast amount of walking paths.