Mathematics, K-6

The Trenton Public Schools Elementary Math Department encompasses elementary grade levels Kindergarten through sixth grade (K-6). The New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Math is one of the areas of focus for the department.Numbers in Various Fonts The 8 Standards for Mathematical Practice are another key focus area of the department in developing student application and critical thinking skills. Through instructional best practices students and teachers are continuously developing the teaching and learning process within an educationally equitable environment.

Mathematics, 7-12

The Trenton Public Schools Secondary Math focuses heavily on The New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Math (NJSLS-M) for grades 7-12. Out of NJSLS-M's 8 Mathematical Practice Standards (8MPs), the most important for critical thinking include:

  • MP1: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
  • MP3: Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others
  • MP4: Model with mathematics

By providing students ongoing opportunities to use mathematical thinking to solve real-world problems, teachers enhance students' engagement, interest, and confidence in transferring math to everyday life as they mature into our ever-changing,( brave) new world.

Although criteria for accelerated, honors, and AP courses include multiple criteria currently under revision, several data points from various criterion-referenced assessments, including benchmarks and state tests, are factored into placement decisions based on students' math performance across multiple years. Secondary Mathematics is currently taught in the following Trenton Public Schools:

  • Dunn, MLK, Holland Middle Schools (7-8)
  • Trenton Ninth Grade Academy (TNGA)
  • Trenton Central High School - Main Campus (10-12)
  • Daylight/Twilight (Alternative) High School (9-12)