TBOE Receives Certifications

Trenton Board of Education Receives Certifications
Posted on 11/17/2023
TBOE Board of Education


TBOE Receives Board and Individual Board Member Certifications


 The Trenton Board of Education received NJSBA Board Certification (BC), and each member was recognized as a Certified Board Member (CBM) at the Nov. 16 Mercer County SBA Meeting.

 Through Board Certification, the NJSBA Board Member Academy recognizes mastery of the unique aspects of the group process. This certification recognizes the full board’s commitment to training and effective governance in areas such as group process, decision-making, planning, effective meetings and focus on student achievement. The Certified Board Member Award recognizes professional development in areas critical to effective school board governance. The Certified Board Member is the second NJSBA Board Member Academy certification program level.

 The district congratulates BOE members Gene Bouie, Addie Daniels-Lane, Deniece Johnson, Jeannie Weakliem, Austin Edwards, Esq., Sasa Olessi Montaño, BOE Vice President Gerald Trueheart and BOE President Yolanda Marrero-Lopez on being a part of the certified board and receiving their board member certification.


Front row from left to right; Gerald Trueheart, Yolanda Marrero-Lopez, Addie Daniels-Lane, Gene Bouie. Back row from left to right; James Earle, Jeannie Weakliem, Sasa Olessi Montaño, Austin Edwards, Esq., Deniece Johnson.